Types of kitting that will help you to sell fast and easy

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Companies always are looking a practical solution to get the best sales, but a few knows the benefits of kitting.

That’s right! Kitting services are the best option to have a logistic solution in your company. So, if you trying to introduce a new product to the market or you want to reduce inventory coast, this article is for you!

Kitting process doesn’t just get better the production process. Let’s get to know different types of kitting!


Kitting in manufacturing

This logistics solution consists in involves different parts used in a single manufacturing process to deliver to the point of used; is the called: kit and assembly.

Don’t forget it! The kits made in the process consists of parts that are needed in a specific point in the production line.

This logistic service saves time and creates an extra quality control.


Kitting warehouse

Kitting services in a warehouse does not need any additional equipment or staff. Whit this logistic you’ll have a better inventory tracking and reduce your warehouse coasts.

In that way, you can:

  • Receive orders of multiple products and send it whit efficacy.
  • Package all individual items in a single kit.
  • Optimize and reduce the inventory coast.

There’s no doubt that kitting is an excellent option. But let´s know another types of kitting!


Product kitting

This logistic system can be confused with the kit and assembly process but is totally different. This logistic consist in create a new order fulfillment.

In other words, the kits have items that are sold together under a single SKU.

There are an examples of Product kitting:

  • Accessories for a single product.
  • Art kits with brushes, paper, instructions, etc.
  • Ingredients of a meal preparation.
  • Sets of items that commonly sell together.

If you have an e-commerce, this kitting process will help you to send in a faster way the products. So, packing and shipping will be optimized!

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter.

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