6 incredible benefits of kitting services

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Industry needs efficiency in their processes and kitting is the answer to resolve that problem.

Kitting services are an effective solution to the warehouse problems. This is a logistic system that looks for speed up the assembly process in the production line.

What consist kitting process? Simple! This strategy of logistic solution put together different pieces and conform an only product in a kit.

This kit will go to the production line for their assembly. In that way, the company save time whit the Kitting. Also, the kitting process can bring you order and cleanliness in your supply chan.

But, that’s not all! The kit and assembly process have more benefits. We provide you six of them. Let´s see them!


1. Improve productivity

Whit the Kitting services you can guarantee the improve of your productivity couse the process starts out of the production line.

All the pieces you need, will arrive in a kit. What a logistic, sure!


2. Facilitates inventories

Kitting is not only a kit and assembly process, the benefice impact also in the inventories!

Whit this logistic solution, you will have more control in the parts of the supply chain because you will only have registered the number of kits that enter and leave.


3. Ensures continuous improvement

The logistic system of kitting can ensure the continuous improvement whit the quality of the shipping system.

The Kit assembly will be a filter, in that way, you always will receive the correct supplies.


4. More space in the work area

The industry need logistic in all the senses! The working area is not an exception. Kitting reduce the amount of pieces in the production line.

Whit this benefice, the workers can do their activities whit more security and liberty.


5. Eliminate wasted time

This logistic service eliminates waste of time; couse the kits always will have the necessary supplies. In other word, the workers will not leave their areas to search for parts.


6. More order in the warehouse

Kitting is so useful for organize your warehouse. With this logistic service you can create groups of personalized kits. In that way you can find easily whatever you need!

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Written by Ricardo Méndez, Copywriter.

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